New Features: Shared Schedule Links & Expanded Commission Configuration

We're excited to announce two recent enhancements to Retail Toolkit based on your recommendations!  The following features are now live and available on your application.  Thank you for your business and feedback, as always :)

Shared Staffing Schedule Link 

You can now make your shop staff schedule available via an open URL for your employees to bookmark and visit at any time to get the most up to date schedule.  Best of all, employees do not have to have an RTK login to access and view the schedule.

You may select a single location to share or share multiple locations - easy peasy.

     Optional configurations include the ability to allow users with the link to view:

  • Draft schedules
  • Personal employee scheduled hours and actual hours worked
  • View calendar schedule mode

Log into Retail Toolkit and navigate to Settings > Shared URLs to start creating shared schedule links today!


Expanded Commission Configuration: All Categories Application Option

You can now choose to apply a commission to all product categories when creating a commission scheme in RTK.  When selecting all categories, the commission will apply to all categories as well as children subcategories, making it easy to create a blanket commission plan for all products sold.

Log into Retail Toolkit and navigate to Payroll Management > Assign Commission Schemes to use today!



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