Integrating and authorizing Retail Toolkit with Lightspeed is quick and easy, thanks to our partnership with Lightspeed.  Follow the steps below to instantly authorize your integration and start developing valuable insights into your business!  

If you require further assistance, please submit a request via this portal or email us at 

Step 1:  Log into RTK and Navigate to Integrations > LightSpeed Cloud Authorization

Step 2: After logging in you will need to click on "Authorize Application".  After you click on this it will push you back to the Retail Toolkit Authorization page.

Step 3:  This is the page that you will be redirected to. If you still experience issues in this process, please contact us for help at

To test and verify your integration connectivity to make sure everything is working,  navigate to Inventory > OTB > PO Analysis.  If you can view you POs on this page, your integration is successful.  If not, the integration steps should be repeated.