The method which you would like to run the commission report against is a configurable drop down on the Commission parameter page (  This feature only applies to Lightspeed users, where differing employee assignment can be made at the overall sale vs line item level.  

The commission calculation configuration options are as follows:

  • Calculate on both Sale and Line Item level employee assignment 
    • This will enable two commission payouts, if the line item level contains a different employee assignment than the employee assigned to the Sale overall.  If the same employee is assigned to the sale and line items, only one commission will be applied for those line items to avoid double payments.
    • We recommend using this feature with caution as it will enable double payments for Sales when different employees are assigned at the Sale level versus Line levels. However, this can be useful if you wish to enable general commission for the service writer and potentially specialized commission to a different employee performing specific labor tasks for the sale.
  • Calculate on Sale level employee assignment only 
    • This will pay commission only to the employee assigned to the Sale level for any lines that match the commission rules.
  • Calculate on Sales Line Item level only 
    • This will pay commission only to employee assigned at the line level for lines that match commission rules.  No commission will be calculated for an employee assigned at the Sale level.