Q:           Can I use Marketing Automation to replace my current email marketing program?

A:            Yes, however there are some slight differences in how RTK automation works.  First, RTK Automation emails customers that are present in your Point of Sale system, so you presently can not specify specific lists of customers you would like to email.  You can however improve the targeting of email campaigns by sending only to the most relevant customer groups, such as those that have previously purchased a bike from you.  If you plan on using RTK for campaign emailing, please review the email volume limits to ensure you have the correct tier for your customer list. 



Q:           Are there any email volume limits?

A:            Yes, the Standard email marketing automation package ($50/mo) includes up to 10,000 emails monthly.  The Advanced package ($100/mo) includes up to 100,000 emails for large volume senders.  These fees help cover the fees we incur via our email delivery provider. 


Q:           Will emails I make be formatted properly for all devices – desktop, tablets, and mobile?

A:            Yes!  The email design framework in RTK, along with all of the provided design content blocks utilize Responsive design.  These emails automatically scale and adapt to look great on any device.


Q:           Can I copy existing email formats?

A:            Unfortunately, we do not have a copy function available today, but that is a capability we are planning on adding soon.  In the meantime, copying and pasting HTML is the easiest way to quickly reproduce copies of a desirable design.


Q:           Can I upload of list of contacts I want to mail to specifically, in addition to customers in my Point of Sale system?

A:            No, currently RTK only enables email targeting and delivery to customers present in your Point of Sale System.


Q:           How can I receive a test email sample?

A:            The easiest method for viewing a final email sample is by using the Preview button on the Email Action design page.  This will show you a final rendered example of the email that would be sent.  In addition to that, you may temporarily enter your email address in the “To” field of an action and let it run for a day or two to receive live samples, which you can revert when ready to go fully live.


Q:           What is the difference between the Transactional email group and others?

A:            By law, any emails that are directly related to a purchase, such as receipt and thank you messages, are not required to include an unsubscribe option or adhere to unsubscribe preferences.  Conversely, any marketing messages that are promotional in nature and not related to a transaction must adhere to unsubscribe preferences and include an unsubscribe link.  RTK has you covered for this!  Simply select the “Transactional” option for tracks and email actions that are related to a transaction.  For promotional emails, use a different email group such as “Promotions” or “Events”. 


Q:           Can I place a coupon code in emails?

A:            Yes!  The best way is to generate a barcode image for your coupon code using a barcode generator and then placing the barcode image in your email.

Q: How do I make an image stretch the full width of the email?

A:            To make an image in the “Hero” content slot stretch the full width of the email and automatically adjust to different devices, click on the placeholder image, select to replace the image from the tool pop-up, select the replacement image and place it.  On the inserted image, click to resize the image and enter “100%” in the width field.


Q:           Why does the email preview take so long to load?

A:            In some instances when a business has a large number of locations with a lot of transactions, the email Preview can run a bit slow due to the volume of records for it to search and preview.  To overcome, simply select and save only one lower volume location on the track and try previewing again.  After successfully reviewing, you can re-select all locations and save prior to turning the track live.

Q:           Can I upload my own fully custom email HTML in place of the RTK framework?

A:            No, currently to help ensure your emails are well formed and consistently responsive, we do not offer the ability to override the entire email format.  However, a significant degree of customization can be applied by using the HTML editing mode within the email editor.